Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not quite halfway

It's been an interesting week this last week. I've managed to do my best to stick to my half marathon training schedule. Last night I took on my Wii Active again for the first time in a month or two. I forgot just how much that kicks my butt! I've been going to the gym for almost a month now and there just aren't words for what I want to do to that trainer! All in all, it's a good thing. I've started to cut back the amount of sugar that I take in daily. I'm even doing a full on sugar free day one day a week. That day is Thursday since I don't have any runs scheduled for Fridays or Saturdays and need the carbs for the long run on Sunday. I've actually noticed a little bit of a difference. Here, for the past 2-3 years and all of the running I've done, I haven't moved anywhere weight wise because I kept replacing it all with ice cream!

I'm looking forward to the next coming weeks for B and I to get back out on the bikes and go for some nice long rides. We did break them out one day two weeks ago when we had some super warm weather. My pants kept getting caught in the chain and I thought I was going to make someones day when they ripped right off. I was so glad it was a quick ride!

That's about all for now from my end of things. I've gotta run 3 miles tonight (I think... I can't find my schedule). I really need to come up with my own version of a schedule to fit around my work schedule and the "every other weekend" thing. Once I throw B's schedule in there too, it's quite confusing. In fact, my head is spinning as I type!

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