Sunday, March 28, 2010

Losing weight can be easy

I was starting to cut back on the amount of carbs that I was taking in. This all started by a post on an internal work website where the man suggested having a sugar free day. All you would eat would be seasoned meat and veggies. No fruit, no bread and nothing in between. I liked the challenge since I had started going to the gym a month prior to add to my half-marathon training. B was on board and we were all set to go. I was planning on making Thursdays my sugar free day since I wouldn't have to run until Sunday and I could eat the carbs I needed by then.

I have heard so many success stories about the South Beach Diet that I figured this would be what I needed to finally shed the pounds. With working out at the gym and running for my training, I'm still at a solid 149 pounds. I haven't budged yet. That in itself is frustrating. The good side is that I am noticing a little more definition and my tummy is starting to trim down just a little bit. This was the perfect motivation I needed to continue and keep pushing. The best part about it is that I have felt absolutely amazing and full of energy.

Then I lost my job. A job that I took for a better opportunity has laid me off and thrown a huge wrench into my well-being and savings account. Unemployment isn't even going to cover what my mortgage is and the savings that I've worked so hard to build is going to pay for my car and utilities. B and I have gone over many options on what we can do, but right now we are limited due to some other issues that have been ongoing.

The point to this story is that now it's an even bigger motivator to continue on this low carb thing because it's so much cheaper. We bought 2 dozen eggs, cheese, almonds, veggies and a ton of other stuff to get us through the week. We have some meat left and will cook that as we see fit. We are going to stick to salads with egg and cheese and fruits and veggies for snacks. We spent 52 dollars yesterday at the store because we didn't buy chips, cereal or bread. B wanted bread, but I looked at him and explained that the last loaf is in the fridge because we didn't use it at all until the date on the bag.

I'm going to keep my eye on this as the weeks go by. I have noticed that I don't crave much food now. It's enough to keep me full and going all day long. I'm hoping that this is the key to finally get rid of that belly that I've always managed to carry around. I do know that with the beginnings of the healthier eating, I haven't been knocked down once this winter with an illness. I'm hoping I didn't just jinx myself because my insurance ends on Wednesday.

Who ever is reading this, please cross your fingers for my job interview on Monday. I'm hoping that the fact they called me with in an hour of submitting my resume is a very good sign. I'm moving my long run to tomorrow so I'm not so sore and hobbling around like an idiot during my interview. I'm making sure every base is covered!


EducationalRounds said...


I didn't realize that you're posting again! I need to do some work but I wanted to post a quick comment. (it's supposed to be 66 here today and I'm going to make the time for an outdoor run--i've been using the treadmill :(

Manuela said...

Ignore that address--it's me, Manuela at a new decade :)

Tiki & Kirby (& sometimes Kesey) said...

Have you looked at the blog Mark's Daily Apple? Mommy & Daddy have lost quite a bit of weight and Mommy's cholesterol improved greatly by going low carb (as opposed to being a bad vegetarian). Sorry to hear about your job. Sending you purrs.

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kizzy said...

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